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Safety Tip for the Busygal

This one's a kind of random tip, but I think it's very helpful!

I go to a lot of live concerts at small venues, and there's often a purse check involved. Now it's not that I want to be a rule-breaker, rebel, or trouble-causer, but one thing that's a "no-no" in many clubs is pepper spray. This kind of baffles me, because I'm expected to leave the very thing in my car that is supposed to keep me safe walking to and from the club and my car late at night! I want to feel safe, as some of these clubs can be in not-so-nice areas. I've found a pepper spray that is discreet
and enables me to leave it in my purse for the walks before and after.
Image courtesy of yourgreatestprotection.com
This little heart-shaped tube contains pepper spray, but looks like perfume. It's made by Streetwise. You can purchase it at a gun store, or online on Amazon. Either option is cheaper than what is listed on Streetwise's site.

Luckily I've never had to use it, and hopefully I never will...but just in case, it's there for me.

Busygals should also be street-smart!


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