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BusyGal's Halloween Party on a Budget

Want to throw a little Halloween shindig, but don't want to break the bank decorating your place? Then we speak the same language, Busygals!

We're having a pumpkin carving party at our place, and I wanted to get some pumpkin carving kits for everyone to use. I had also seen a couple of blog posts from CiaoBella in her "Glam Decor" section for fun Halloween decor ideas, and I was inspired!

Image courtesy of superdealbox.com

I walked into my local 99¢ Only store, hoping I would find just pumpkin carving kits. Not only did I find the kits, but I was absolutely blown away by the an ENTIRE aisle of an amazing selection of Halloween decor and costumes! I got a TON of items, including 7 pumpkin carving kits, party plates, napkins, 2 tablecloths, plastic forks and knives, 3 fake black glittery roses, glittery spiders, tealight holders with glitter skulls on them, 2 packages of spider webs, and a sparkly Halloween sign...all for...GET THIS...$25!!!! I would have easily spent at least $50-$75 if I would have bought the same items at a party store.

The next time you have any party, I would definitely suggest heading to your 99¢ Only store, you'll be amazed at the selection and quality of items they offer...and all for 99¢ each!!

Busygals don't have to spend a fortune to party in style!


J said...

Thanks Busygal. It's nice to see you know how to throw a party and where to shop 1st. Would love to have you as a guest blogger on our new Blog 99. If you're interested email me and we can talk. jb@99only.com. Nice Blog!

Carly said...

Hi Jo Layne,
Thanks for the comment! I emailed you with my contact info, let me know if you didn't get it and I'll send it again :)
Looking forward to guest blogging for Blog 99!

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