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Busygals get SPICY! 99¢ Only Store Spices

Isn't it annoying when you only need a teaspoon of a spice for a recipe and it costs $5? 

If you know anything about me by now, you know that I LOVE a good deal and saving money (some would say I'm frugal...I say I don't like getting ripped off and taken advantage of ;)...tomato, tomahto...)

Anyway, once again, the 99¢ Only store's got your back! They offer many spices for...you guessed it...99¢! While they don't have every spice in the store, they do have quite a good selection! Next time you're there, check it out and save a few bucks!


Busygals Keep the Party WARM New Use for the Crock Pot

Ever have a hot beverage or some other hot dish out at a party, only to have it turn lukewarm or cold not too long after the party has started? 

 HOT tip: throw it in your crockpot on low, and...ta da!!!...food and beverages at the perfect temp throughout the night! 

 ***Make sure to check the food /beverage every once in awhile to make sure it's not getting TOO hot...don't want any burned mouths!***
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Busygals Love Francesca's Collections

Francesca's is an adorable boutique-type store with super-cute clothing, shoes, & accessories, as well as some items for the home. And the thing I REALLY love about this store is that not only are there some great finds in the store, but their clothing is very reasonably-priced!
AND they offer $5 flat shipping!
They have been expanding a lot, so.check their site, there may be a location near you now!
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A Busygal's Substitute for Shaving Cream

This tip comes from none other than Dad (thanks Dad!)! 

Out of shaving cream and in a pinch? Hair conditioner works GREAT, and sometimes better than some shaving creams! 

Image courtesy of http://www.health-care-beauty.com

AND...if you're in the market for a new shaving cream, might I suggest Trader Joe's Honey Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for men and women (honestly, did you expect me to suggest something not from Trader Joe's? :) ). It is the best shaving cream I've found out on the market, and it's only about $3!


Affordable Copies Straight To The Busygal's Door! Best Value Copy

Every Christmas, my husband and I send out a Christmas letter that also doubles as a networking opportunity, a chance to stay in touch with business associates and a chance to update extended family and friends on the latest happenings in our lives over the past year. Our Christmas letter always includes photos alongside each event we talk about...it gives it some visual interest to the letter and makes it more personal. 

Of course, since there are photos included in the letter, we print it in color. As I'm sure you're all aware, color copies are not cheap, especially when you're printing 150 of them! 

This year, thanks to being on the job hunt for much longer than expected, I had plenty of extra time at my disposal to do internet research for deals. I came across Best Value Copy. I got an amazing deal on my prints, and I was MORE than completely satisfied with my order and the extra services they provided, which saved me a LOT of extra work!

For a total of $31.34 (including shipping), my order included the following:

Order Details

Copy Type
- 150 of copies
- 1 of originals
- Color Copy Type
- Single Sided
- Page Size: 8.5 x 11
- Paper Type: 100# Glossy Cover

Finishing Options
- Collation: Not Collated
- Folding: Half Fold

As you may notice from my order above, not only did I get 150 color copies for around $30, shipped straight to my door, but they also printed the letter on glossy card stock paper, AND they FOLDED each newsletter for me!!! Folding 150 newsletters cost only $3 extra, and let me tell you from past years of newsletter folding...it was WELL-WORTH the $3!!! 

In addition, I have a major pet peeve for bad customer service. Well I can assure you, Best Value Copy not only had customer service, but GREAT customer service! They personally called me to confirm that they had all the details of my order correct, and were very quick with email updates about my order and were available for any questions I had with my order. 

I would highly recommend Best Value Copy to anyone who is looking for good quality prints that are at a great deal with fantastic customer service - this company is a triple threat!!