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Quick and Simple Earring Fix for the BusyGal

When I wear hoop earrings with a hook, they often have a tendency to throw themselves out of my ears. Why? It's a mystery...
I also often lose the backings to my earring studs.
Do any of you Busygals have the same problems?

Here are a couple of easy ideas that might help, shared from friends:

Image courtesy of houseoftitus.wordpress.com
1) Cut a little square from a rubber band and slide it onto the earring after you have put it on so that it is held in place. Thanks Sandy, for pointing this tip out from Real Simple Magazine to me!

2) Use a little dental wax (the kind you would put on your braces to prevent them from poking your gums or cheeks when you were a young Busygal), which you can buy at a drug store in the dental section, and...voilĂ ! Problem solved! 

I've tried the rubber band trick, and I can vouch for it, it works, and it's so simple!

Thanks to Amanda and Sandy for the advice!


Cathy said...

This is brilliant! I do dare you however not cut out the square next time and just shover on the entire rubberband... I think you could start a new trend :)

Carly said...

You first...let me know if it catches on... ;)

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