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Multi-Tasking Lip Gloss for the Busygal

Image courtesy of sephora.com
I purchased this lip gloss (Fusion Beauty LipFusion Conditioning Stick SPF 15) on a whim, at the advice of one of the friendly salesgals at Sephora. I told her I didn't like wearing lipstick, but wanted something similar to chapstick - moisturizing, but with a hint of color.
She suggested LipFusion in Berry, and I love it! Not only is it incredibly moisturizing, but it's SPF 15, so you look fabulous and protect your lips from the sun all at once - perfect for every multi-tasking Busygal!
It also has a slightly minty flavor, which is refreshing.

Added bonus: the top to the gloss screws on, so there's no need to worry about reaching in your purse only to find that the top has come off and your purse is now home to smashed lip gloss.

One word of advice, the web site claims it's also a plumping gloss, which I was unaware of until sharing this link with you lovely busygals on Twitter. The salesgal did not inform me about this, but I haven't noticed it creating any kind of lip plumping whatsoever (sidenote: lesson learned: read labels, don't just listen to salesgals!).

Enjoy Busygals!


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