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Busygal Pet Lover

Love your kitty or pup, but hate the hair she leaves everywhere? I know you Busygals out there love a quick fix...Real Simple Magazine has an easy trick - put on a damp rubber glove, and rub over the hair on your furniture, it'll come right up! My friend Sandy also shared that she read in a Real Simple Magazine that a damp sponge will do the trick as well.

Also, for the kitty owner, one of the best clumping and least messy kitty litters I've found it Jonny Cat. It's sold in select stores, so check out their web site for stores where it's sold near you. Also, you must be aware if your kitty has sensitivities to dust (like I found out mine does - who knew cats could get asthma?!). If so, this won't be the best fit for your home. 


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