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Kitchen Gadgets for the Busygal

Who has extra time (or wants to spend more time than needed) in the kitchen? Not this Busygal! Here are a couple of kitchen gadgets I've come across that make prep work and cleaning a little bit easier and more fun:
Image courtesy of cgi.ebay.ch
1) Scrape-Ease Cleaning Scraper
I purchased this little guy at Bed, Bath and Beyond. First of all, it's adorable. But more importantly, it works! This gadget is great for scraping egg or any other stubborn food off of pans. I use both sides - the "feet" do the majority of the work of scraping, and the "head" works good on curved edges of the pan. I don't hav
e to scrub as hard, and it saves my 
sponges from getting gross stuff all over them that won't come off. A money and time-saver!

Image courtesy of remodelingmyspace.com
2) Garlic Zoom
I actually won this little gadget at a friend's bridal shower (thanks, Erin!). I couldn't wait to get home and use it! It's another tool that just makes cooking that much more fun, I feel like I'm playing with a toy! You can find this item at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or Target. You simply put in a clove of garlic, roll it around, and voilĂ ! Chopped garlic! Minimal mess, and no garlic smell on your hands! And don't just limit yourself to garlic when you're using the Garlic Zoom...I've used this amazing kitchen-tool-on-wheels to chop cliantro, parsley, ginger...you name it! It really does the trick! The link above (Garlic Zoom) is a video of how it works. 


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