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BusyGals, Embrace the Season!

This entry is basically just a free-flow splattering of my thoughts about seasons in life that are particularly BUSY!
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I saw this image on Pinterest, and I feel that I really need to apply it to my life and make it my motto, given this VERY busy season of life I'm currently in. 

When I named this blog, I had no idea how very fitting it would be - I mean, I'm always on the go, but life over the past few months has been CRAZY busy. 

I fully realize that many of the events I am listing below are fun and happy and fun events, so I'm not complaining or whining - at least I hope it doesn't come off that way - I'm just giving an example of how busy life has been for me. I also acknowledge that life is good - I don't have much to complain about in comparison to many others (like my friend Clare, who has a young son battling major health issues in the hospital, or my dad, who's been in the hospital for the past 3 months, or my uncle who just lost his wife to a horrible form of cancer, or the people involved in the recent tragedy in Colorado, and the list could go on...), things could always be worse, and I realize that. This is just how my life has been and the small lessons I've learned as a result.

An example of my schedule in the past 2 weeks:

Week 1 (Sat thru Sun):
Host small BBQ
Attend friend's bday party
Work full-time
Visit dad in hospital
Attend concert at the Roxy
Attend new small group
Coordinate and attend Vegas bachelorette party Th-Sun (SO fun!)
{Find time to spend with hubby}

Week 2 (Mon thru Sun):
Work full-time
Spend evening with bro, niece, nephew, mom, & hubby for bro's bday
Visit dad in hospital
Eyebrow appointment
Host book club/mini dinner party
Attend Solvang bachelorette party Sat-Sun (also SO fun!)
Attend friend's wedding Sun (another fun event!)
Attend hubby's gma's 80th bday party (also Sun)
{Find time to spend with hubby}

Needless to say, this season of life has been BUSY. This is just a small sampling of life as of late. 

My dad entered the hospital in April due to a blood clot issue and has been there since then, and that has been difficult, worrisome, and stressful to say the least. I hate seeing him in pain and feeling so helpless. He has been so strong, and continues to be. So has my mom. They are rockstars! {Prayers appreciated for dad that he continues to heal and get well!}

My hubby and I moved to a new home at the end of April, so that always makes for crazy-busy, with packing a home we lived in for 6 1/2 years and all, and searching for a new home, and dealing with selling a home. We were blessed to have movers and a couple of very caring/generous friends who came to help us with the move and help us unpack.

This has been a busier wedding season than most have been in the past for the friends in our lives. This makes for lots of parties and fun events (showers, bachelorette party getaways, weddings, shopping, helping, etc). 

This upcoming weekend is the first free weekend with absolutely no plans on the calendar since April, and it can't come soon enough!

Life will continue to be crazy until early August, and then hopefully things will calm down a bit (one can hope at least)!

Why am I writing all of this? I'm not really sure. I guess it feels therapeutic in a sense. I saw the quote and it really struck a chord with me, as I'm sure it does with many of you who are much more busy than I and with many more stressful, difficult things happening in your lives.

I'd like to have some purpose to this post, so I will close my rambling thoughts with a few lessons I've learned that I'd like to pass on to you (hopefully it can be of some help to you somehow):

Rather than fight this season of life, as I've been doing, I am going to choose to embrace it and accept it. I can't control all of the situations in my life, but I can control how I react to them. I am now choosing to view the tasks on my schedule in the future as opportunities, not burdens or items on a checklist to cross off, or "get through." It's easy to start viewing life that way when your plate is so full, but I think life is becoming so much more enjoyable when I'm able to change my outlook on all that I have to do as chances to experience life in new ways, rather than duties to complete.

So if you'd like, please join me in embracing this season of your life...whatever season of life you might currently be in. 

Wishing you sanity, peace and acceptance as you travel through this busy life Busygals!

Life is happening regardless of how I view it, so I might as well experience all that it has to offer!


Aveda Outer Peace Acne Spot Relief

I turned 30 in May, and as a birthday gift, my body gave me acne for the first time in my life (thanks, body...is there a way to return your gift, or maybe exchange it for something cooler, like thinner thighs or something?!). 
In reality, I'm thankful for my health and so many other wonderful things in my life, so I can't really complain...but acne is a bummer.

Anyway, I was complaining to my esthetician about my new-found acne, and she told me this is a common occurrence for women who hit 30 - who knew?! 

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My esthetician is in an Aveda salon, Vicara, and she suggested I try Outer Peace Acne Spot Relief and gave me a little sample to take home.

Let me tell you...I think I should write to the little miracle workers over at Aveda and tell them that their Outer Peace Acne Spot Relief should be renamed "Magical Acne Disappearing Potion" (or something more clever than that, but you get my drift).

This. Stuff. Is. Ahhh-maaazing! 

I put it on a spot before bed, and the next morning there was a visible difference in size (smaller) and color (less red). And within a couple of days of putting this stuff on morning and night, acne disappears! It's like magic in a little squeeze tube!

I'm about as frugal cheap as they get when it comes to buying things, but this stuff was SO amazing when I sampled it, that I hardly balked at the $30 price tag (okay, who are we kidding, I definitely did, but I DO think that this product is a worthy investment). 

If acne is a problem for you, check this stuff out, I highly recommend it!