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Busygals With the Travel Bug

Do you ever want to just get away somewhere, only to look up hotel prices, and then have your heart sink as you realize your destination of choice has no affordable options? I've been there, busygals! 

When traveling for my Uncle's wedding to Oahu a few years ago, however, we made an amazing discovery from their travel information they had included in the invitation - VRBO.com (Vacation Rentals By Owner). Basically, it's a huge listing of individuals who own rental properties/vacation rentals, pretty much anywhere in the world! 

You simply type in, or click on the map, where you want to go in the world, and then you have an array of options to choose from (see below for an image of the home page). The property owners post photos, amenities, etc; and past guests share reviews and tips from their experiences at properties. It's also a wonderful option if you're traveling with a large group, as some places for rent are literally houses with many rooms, bunk beds, etc. All in all, VRBO.com is a GREAT resource! You can also follow them on Twitter.
Image courtesy of vrbo.com
We have used VRBO twice, once in Oahu, and once in Kauai, and it has been a wonderful way to travel! You feel like a local, you have access to a kitchen (depending on the rental), and some of these properties are located on the premises of the owners, so you also have access to local knowledge and tips for traveling around.

Next time you are able to get away from your busy schedule and you want to save a buck or feel like a local, check out VRBO.com, you won't be disappointed Busygals!

Busygals, do you have any other great travel tips that save money, time, or stress? Post a comment here to share with other Busygals!


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