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Don't Forget, Busygals!

               In true Busygal fashion, I usually have about eight bajillion things running through my mind simultaneously. As a result, I use various tactics on my phone to remember everything I need to. 

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Reminder Tip #1:
I always put EVERYTHING in my phone calendar, with an alarm. If I don't hear bells and whistles, chances are I'll forget whatever it was I was trying to remember. 

The remaining tips are for Smartphone users (a MUST-HAVE for Busygals!)
Reminder Tip #2:
Download a free checklist app, which will help you keep track of all things To-Do. I have a Droid, and my personal favorite is Taskos (you can find them on Twitter here). You can check off tasks as you accomplish them, label different tasks, connect reminders to contacts so that you can access their information quickly, and set alarms. Check out more information about Taskos here.

Reminder Tip #3:
I email myself reminders and keep them marked as New so that I don't miss them. This is effective for me, as I check my email often on my phone throughout the day.  

Reminder Tip #4:
This tip comes from Graham Hawkes (thanks for sharing, Graham!). He posted this on Twitter, and I think it's a fantastic trick: Reminder technique: 
"Take a pic of something representing what you need to remember & set it as ur phone wallpaper."
With the use of your phone, you should be set for never forgetting something important again! 

What do you do to remember something important, Busygals? Share your tips with other Busygals in a comment below!


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