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Busygals in the Kitchen - Yummy.com Grocery Delivery

Busygals in the Kitchen is a series within my blog that I have created. As a Busygal, I am often searching for the easiest way to make simple, quick, delicious recipes that are healthy and not too expensive...I'm sure many of you are in the same boat!
I often run across great ideas through friends and Twitter and others' blogs for how to make grocery shopping and meal prep a more simple process, all while saving money! Below are tips from fellow Busygals who know how to make meal prep more simple! 

This tip comes from my most frequent Busygal tipster, Sandy - fashionista, Spanish teacher, photographer, concert-goer, and general lover of life. This idea is just for you West Los Angeles gals (sorry, rest of the world!). Want to cook, but don't have time or energy to roam the aisles of the grocery store?

Yummy.com delivers groceries, straight to your home or work in about 30 minutes! This is a great idea, especially when you forgot your lunch at work and have no time to go grab something because need to work through the lunch hour. Or maybe you're at home, right in the middle of a recipe...and didn't use Clare's menu planning idea...and forgot a key ingredient. You can jump online real quick, order your needed ingredient, keep right on prepping and cooking, and in about 30 minutes, voilĂ ! Needed ingredient on your doorstep! 

Plus, if you order $100 worth of groceries or more, delivery is free!
Here's information straight from their web site about Yummy.com:

Image courtesy of yummy.com

I know that many other grocery chains will also deliver for a fee, check with your local markets to see if they offer this service in your area.

Alright, Busygals, it's time to dish! Have you ever tried yummy.com? If so, how has it worked for you? Has it saved you money? Stress? Time?

Do you have other ideas and tips to share? Curious minds (like this Busygal) want to know! So click below and comment away, I want to hear your experiences and other grocery shopping and saving tips!

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Happy shopping with a click, Busygals!


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