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Busygals in the Kitchen - Dream Dinners

Busygals in the Kitchen is a series within my blog that I have created. As a Busygal, I am often searching for the easiest way to make simple, quick, delicious recipes that are healthy and not too expensive...I'm sure many of you are in the same boat!
I often run across great ideas through friends and Twitter and others' blogs for how to make grocery shopping and meal prep a more simple process, all while saving money! Below are tips from fellow Busygals who know how to make meal prep more simple! 
Dream Dinners

Don't have time or patience to get to the grocery store and cook everything at home? Here's something even MORE simple! The next tip in our series comes from my friend Melissa (click here to read more about her on her blog!), a fellow Busygal,  Social Worker, photographer, kind heart, and blogger. She shared this hot tip: Dream Dinners.

Image courtesy of dreamdinners.com
Here's all about Dream Dinners, straight from their web site: "Do you ever come near the end of a busy day and wonder, "What's for dinner?" At Dream Dinners we answer that question for you. Our monthly menu includes over 14 different recipes each month, along with additional pre-assembled dinners, sides, breads and desserts ready for purchase while in one of our stores. A wide variety of options means there are plenty of meal preparation choices to satisfy everyone in the family. We provide everything you need to assemble delicious dinners from easy-to-follow instructions to fresh, pre-cut ingredients."

From what I've gathered from checking out ther web site further, you find a location near you, sign up for a session, and then go and concoct your meals in an assembly-line style, then bring them home, stick them in the freezer, and pull them out and heat them up when you're ready to eat!

The price of meals for December range from $13.49 for a meal for 3, to $35.98 for a meal for 6, with pricing options in between as well.
And...right now you can get your first dinner FREE!

Alright, Busygals, it's time to dish! Have you ever tried Dream Dinners? If so, how has it worked for you? Has it saved you money? Stress? Time? 

Do you have other ideas and tips to share? Curious minds (like this Busygal) want to know! So click below and comment away, I want to hear your experiences and other grocery shopping and saving tips!

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Happy cooking, Busygals!


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