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Keep Your Hair In Its Place, Busygals! Scunci

Do you have hair ties that slip out of your hair too easily? I've found that Scunci makes some great hair ties called "No-Slip Grip" that keep your hair tie in place, and I've noticed they don't lose their stretch quite as much as regular hair ties. They're especially great for the gym or pool! 
Image courtesy of scunci.com
I have also tried their "No-Slip Grip" headbands. For me, they don't work quite as well, but I haven't found any headbands that stay put on my head (maybe I have an odd-shaped head, who knows? :) ). I will say that out of all of the headbands I have tried, they work the best. They're great for the gym, keeping your hair out of your face while doing makeup or washing your face, or for general fashion.
Image courtesy of scunci.com
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