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Another Great Use for the Frakta Ikea Bag

Courtesy of IKEA web site

In a previous post, I talked about the IKEA Frakta bag for carrying laundry. Recently, I have discovered a few more great uses for the bag...carrying around large items, such as gifts and party items! I usually depend on my saved Trader Joe's bags to carry items around to parties, but sometimes they're just not roomy enough when large items are involved. 

As we were making the 'rounds' yesterday for Christmas, I remembered my IKEA bags, and I'm so glad I did! I carried two families' worth of Christmas gifts in two Frakta bags. Instead of stuffing a grocery bag full to the brim and not being able to use the small handle, these bags made it easy and spacious to pack, and the shoulder strap kept my hands free to carry other items we were bringing. Since our elevator in our building is currently broken and we live on the third floor (UGH), it cut our usual multiple trips down to the garage into one!

Our 2010 Christmas Card and Costumes from our 5th Annual Collins Costume Christmas Party

In addition, a few weeks ago we hosted our annual Costume Christmas Party (we like to have fun, and our guests have a blast at this party every year! This year's theme was Nascar). We rented our complex clubhouse rather than hosting at our condo due to the amount of guests who were attending. Using our four IKEA bags made our lives much easier, as there were only two of us lugging all of the food and beverages for 50 guests, in addition to decor to the clubhouse. I'd say it easily saved us an extra five trips, because the bags are so spacious and sturdy! In a Busygal's world, that's a lifesaver!

Next time you have multiple gifts or other bulky items (food for a party, etc) try out your Frakta IKEA bag, it'll save you time and energy! And don't forget...it's only 59¢!!


Melissa said...

Last night I watched my sister filled her IKEA Frakta bag with all of her Christmas gifts. Everything fit, and allowed her to make just one trip from the house to the car, which was a lifesaver, since it was pouring rain! Great post! =)

Carly said...

Thanks Melissa! Glad it helped your sister out, they're seriously such GREAT bags!

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