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Great Face Wash Towelettes for Busygals on the Go!

Image courtesy of fashionpulsedaily.com
I grabbed these little face wash towelettes from...where else...Trader Joe's (that place feels like my second home as of late!). 

Make-Up Remover for Sensitive & Dry Skin With Oats are PERFECT for traveling or taking to the gym. Very compact, no messy liquid to spill all over your bag, resealable, and really effective! They are moisturizing, soft, and simple to use. 

For a more in-depth review, here is a great blog about them. I couldn't say it any better! When perusing this blog, I found that there is a link to all products Comodynes makes...check it out! Uh oh...I might have a new addiction... ;) Comodynes product link


lorraine said...

great find! i'm going to try this out.

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