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Auto Repair in Los Angeles for Busygals

I can't say enough good things about Ed Little Auto Repair (for their Yelp page, go here).
Bob is who I have mainly interacted with there. He is professional, helpful, patient, and great at explaining step by step all needed repairs.

Image courtesy of yelp.com
As a woman, sometimes auto repair can seem overwhelming and you feel like you're being taken advantage of, or ripped off. This has never been the case at Ed Little. I feel they are honest and they're not just trying to make a buck, they really want to help me and my car, and save me as much money as possible. What more could you want from an auto repair shop?

The only drawback about this place is that sometimes it can take a week or two to get in, but if you have a serious emergency, they'll work with you. I believe the reason the wait can be so long is due to the overwhelmingly positive rating they have on Yelp, so it's a good thing! Out of 170 reviews, they have 5 stars. That is hard to come by on Yelp. They truly deserve the rating and all of the business they are getting.
Hopefully you don't experience any car troubles, Busygals, but if you do, Ed Little Auto Repair is the place to go if you live in Los Angeles!


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