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Blister Prevention in a Pinch...Busygals Get Creative

Image courtesy of thebudgetfashionista.com

You may recall my previous post about the Band-Aid Blister Block stick. If you don't or you haven't read it...you should read it! ;) You can access it by clicking on the link above, or here.

Anyway...yesterday, I was wearing a pair of heels I've worn many times before with absolutely no problems. For some reason, yesterday was different, and I had left my Blister Block stick in my purse, which was in my trunk, while I was at a school doing an intake with a client and parent. The more I walked, the more painful walking was.

I was in a serious pinch here, and desperate for some kind of relief. My solution was definitely odd, and many of you will probably think I'm completely NUTS after reading the rest of this post, but I was desperate!

So, with a bit of creativity and ingenuity (and probably a few screws loose in my head), I remembered a pack of mini Post-Its I had in my work bag.
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I know what you're thinking, but yes...I seriously put a mini Post-It on my heel. And you know what? It was INSTANT relief! While it was definitely not the ideal solution and it was for sure a little weird, it totally saved me for the rest of the day!

So, ideally, just don't forget your Blister Block stick, which is a complete lifesaver! But when you're desperate and you're in an office setting, changes are there are some Post-Its laying around ;)

Get creative, Busygals!

I'm dying to know (and also hoping to feel like I'm not the only crazy creative person out there)...what's the craziest or oddest solution you've ever arrived at when you've been desperate for a solution to a problem with few resources at your disposal?
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