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Toys R Us Makes Gift Buying Easy for Baby Showers & Kids

I had the honor of being invited to my friend Melissa's baby shower this past weekend. It was lovely, complete with home-made cake and cupcakes by the grandma-to-be, family heirlooms, fresh lemonade, and baby gifts galore! As someone who has yet to become a mama, I was amazed, as I always am, at how much stuff a baby needs and how clueless I am about all things baby...but that's for another post altogether I suppose... :)

Now a word about the baby shower gift-buying process and a new discovery that has made life a bajillion times easier for us Busygals out there! 
Four words: "Eligible for Store Pickup."

I don't know about you, maybe it's just my luck, but I have gone to Babies/Toys-R-Us to buy baby shower gifts multiple times, and have been completely baffled by their registry gift-buying process each time. I've printed out the registry, gone to the aisle it says the product is on, and about six times out of ten, the item is nowhere to be found. I don't think I've ever gotten out of the store with whatever items I've wanted to purchase without having to ask an associate for help with locating at least one item. Oftentimes I've had to purchase items I wasn't originally intending to purchase, just because after I've been in there for an HOUR, I want to pull my hair out and don't care what I buy any more, as long as I have a gift in hand so I can get the heck out of there! 

Maybe I'm not the only one with this experience, and maybe people have complained about their inefficient registry-buying process, because I was delighted to discover this little feature on their web site when I went to check out Melissa's registry. It saved me time and frustration.

Next time you're on their web site looking for items to purchase, look for this little baby (above). Four words that can make your life much easier...Eligible for Store Pickup!

This thing is a lifesaver! 
Here's how it works:
*Select items from the registry that are Eligible for Store Pickup (yes...this limits your options as to what you can choose to buy...but the person registered for the items and wants them, so get 'em and save yourself time! ;)  )
*Select the store at which you wish to pick the items up
*Check out (using your credit card or Paypal)
*Wait for an email to confirm your order has been filled (I got mine within a couple of hours)
*Go to the store you chose to pick up at, and your items will be waiting for you at the Customer Service desk! 

No more searching, looking for someone to help you search, wandering aimlessly around the store in frustration...Yipppeeee!!!

I used this feature to purchase Melissa's gifts and was pleased with the experience and time and effort it saved me!

Added bonus: Babies/Toys R Us has a whole section dedicated to wrapping paper, gift bags, and cards that are all entirely appropriate for a baby shower or child's birthday gift, so you'll be done with all gift-giving-related tasks in no time!

Save yourself time and searching, I know I will use this feature from now on!


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