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Busygals Save Money - 99¢ Only Store

I am a HUGE fan of 99¢ Only stores, as I probably have mentioned in the past...I mean, what's not to love?! They have fantastic deals, wonderful products, and many convenient locations. One of my favorite reasons to head to 99¢ Only stores is for their seasonal decor products...they have such FUN and cute products, and it's always amazing to me that everything is only 99¢!

As you all know, I recently was hired as a school-based therapist at an elementary school. As soon as I found out I got the job, my mind immediately turned to the 99¢ Only store for supplies. In my new position, I am working on a daily basis with children ages 5 to 11, along with their families. 

I walked into the 99¢ Only store the other day to purchase pencils and stickers for the students I am working with. I was of course delighted to see a whole aisle dedicated to Valentine's Day decor...so I had to go take a peek! I browsed through the aisle, and then was elated when I realized that I would be around tons of little kids during Valentine's Day! Do you remember Valentine's Day in elementary school? Passing out Valentines to your friends...getting to eat way too much candy at school...wearing red or pink...I have many fond memories of that day. 

Anyway, I found TONS of perfect items for my new role as the therapist at this school.
For Valentine's Day, I got: 

A few packs of adorable Dora the Explorer lollipop Valentines
(1 pack includes of 22 Valentines for only 99¢!)
A bucket to hold all of the Valentines I'll be passing out to the kiddos
A very cute Happy Valentine's Day banner to hang on the wall
Two different sets of window clings (which I will be able to use well after Valentine's Day - so CUTE!) - I bought these before I got my office , and now know I have NO windows in my office...haha! Oh well, they'll still go to good use somehow...I'm creative. 

And for general work with the students, I got:
An 18-pack of pencils
A 64-pack of crayons (64 crayons for 99¢?! Incredible!) Note: there are not 64 different colors, there are multiples of some colors and not enough of others, but if you throw them all in a bin, kids will never know the difference :)
A colorful 2011 calendar

And can you believe it...I got ALL of this for ONLY $10!!!!

For those of you who work with students, I would highly recommend checking out the 99¢ Only store. I know that teachers and others in education often have to pay for their own supplies out of pocket. The 99¢ Only store has so many great products for school, and your wallet will be happy too!

The 99¢ Only Store...the answer to any smart Busygal who wants to find great products for an incredible steal!


Melissa said...

Love the 99cent store. Thanks to all of their Valentine's Day stuff, I was able to buy table cloths, plates, napkins, cups and gift bags in hot pink for my sister's bridal shower at the end of Feb. Good post! =)

Carly said...

Perfect! Good thinking! Congrats to your sister!

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