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Busygals Decorate with High-End Consignment Stores

A quick tip from BusyGalTips' biggest fan and supporter...my mama, Roberta :)

She has discovered and shared with me (and now you!) the beauty of high-end consignment stores. She has found some great treasures (furniture, dishes/china, etc) that are now in her beautiful home. 

What is a consignment store, you ask?

According to Wikipedia, "consignment is the act of consigning, which is placing a person or thing in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold or person is transferred." 

Basically, someone with a piece of furniture or other item consigns it to a shop, who sells it for the owner, and keeps a portion of the selling price for helping them out. You, in the meantime, get a sweet deal on oftentimes one-of-a-kind decorative pieces! Also, if you head to a consignment shop in a well-to-do area near you (i.e. Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, etc), chances are you'll find some high-quality, (originally) high-priced items for a fraction of the original price.

Get decorating, Busygals (and Thanks Mom!)


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