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Aveda Outer Peace Acne Spot Relief

I turned 30 in May, and as a birthday gift, my body gave me acne for the first time in my life (thanks, body...is there a way to return your gift, or maybe exchange it for something cooler, like thinner thighs or something?!). 
In reality, I'm thankful for my health and so many other wonderful things in my life, so I can't really complain...but acne is a bummer.

Anyway, I was complaining to my esthetician about my new-found acne, and she told me this is a common occurrence for women who hit 30 - who knew?! 

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My esthetician is in an Aveda salon, Vicara, and she suggested I try Outer Peace Acne Spot Relief and gave me a little sample to take home.

Let me tell you...I think I should write to the little miracle workers over at Aveda and tell them that their Outer Peace Acne Spot Relief should be renamed "Magical Acne Disappearing Potion" (or something more clever than that, but you get my drift).

This. Stuff. Is. Ahhh-maaazing! 

I put it on a spot before bed, and the next morning there was a visible difference in size (smaller) and color (less red). And within a couple of days of putting this stuff on morning and night, acne disappears! It's like magic in a little squeeze tube!

I'm about as frugal cheap as they get when it comes to buying things, but this stuff was SO amazing when I sampled it, that I hardly balked at the $30 price tag (okay, who are we kidding, I definitely did, but I DO think that this product is a worthy investment). 

If acne is a problem for you, check this stuff out, I highly recommend it!


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